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8 Feet Umbrellas

Midtown vs California Umbrella


Midtown – Better shade, better buy.

Founded in 2014, we set out to create the most outrageously well-made patio umbrella with the coolest features. Now, we have 12 different models with over 40 colors to chose from, including Terylast and Sunbrella fabrics. We also made it a point that our umbrellas were affordable for anyone.

California Umbrella – Old school ways.

Founded in 1946, California Umbrellas have been dominated the high-end patio umbrella industry. They are known for having very good quality but old-fashioned patio umbrellas. Until today, they are still making the same umbrellas and selling them at top dollar.


Midtown – Quality made affordable.

The best patio umbrella for your buck guaranteed. Our Lean umbrella starts off at 169.99, while our fiberglass models start at only $299.99. Our cantilever umbrellas are also very affordable considering the quality you’re getting. The Grande umbrella starts at $779.99, and our most expensive model sells for $2499.99.

California Umbrella – High-end prices.

California umbrellas starts at $395 for their 6-foot model. Then it’s $370 for the 8-foot model, $430 for their 9-footer and $1440 for their cantilever umbrella.

Shipping and Returns

Midtown – Extremely fast and contactless.

We pride ourselves by the quality of our products, but our greatest satisfaction is offering excellent service before and after your purchase. All our in-stock orders are shipped out within 24 hours and are delivered within 5 business days. Free returns is offered on all our products except cantilever umbrellas and bases.

California Umbrella – Conservative shipping.

California Umbrellas has a very large selection of colors and fabric, but most of the colors are available on custom orders that can take up to 6 weeks to receive. Their in-stock orders take between 10 – 15 days to be delivered. They do not offer any free returns on their products.

Technology and Innovation

Midtown – The stars of shade innovation.

Our team at Midtown Umbrella work around the clock researching new ideas to create the best patio umbrellas based on real customer needs and feedback. The result? The most advanced line of outdoor umbrella that cater to the most unique needs.

California Umbrella – One size fits all.

California umbrella believed in the importance of delivering a great patio umbrella. But without adding new features, it might not cater to every person needs and style.