Buying Guide: Tilt Umbrellas VS Market Umbrellas

Buying Guide: Tilt Umbrellas VS Market Umbrellas

The Ultimate Patio Umbrellas Buyer’s Guide for Market Umbrellas and Tilt Umbrellas

Did you know that Americans buy more than 33 million umbrellas every year? If you're someone looking to buy an umbrella, you're likely confused between market, tilt, and cantilever umbrellas.

Choosing an umbrella significantly depends on the intended purpose and surrounding environment. Here we discuss the differences between a tilt and a market umbrella to help you make the right decision:

What Are Tilt Umbrellas?

The tilt umbrella is a patio umbrella that covers your space. The umbrella is similar to its counterparts, with a pole in the center of the canopy. However, the tilt mechanism helps the tilted umbrella stand out from others in the crowd. Most umbrellas are stationary and only provide shade to a particular area. A tilt umbrella, on the other hand, has an auto-tilt mechanism that allows the umbrella to turn at an angle and provide you with the maximum shade you need. 

The auto-tilt mechanism makes it extremely easy for users to revolve the lever and adjust the umbrella to the angle they want. Tilt umbrellas are useful in both commercial and residential settings. For instance, if you want to have dinner on your patio, you can adjust the umbrella's angle and enjoy your meal without the sun in your eyes.  

Tilt umbrellas are flexible, decorative, and durable umbrellas perfect for residential areas. These umbrellas are also lightweight, easy to maneuver, and innovative. 

You'll find tilt umbrellas in the following places:

  • Patio
  • Garden
  • Pool
  • Backyards

Design of a Tilt Umbrella

Tilt umbrellas include an eye-catching, UV-resistant canopy connected to a high-quality pole and base. What makes tilt umbrellas stand out is their revolutionary tilting and swiveling mechanism. 

Most manufacturers offer a collar tilt or a push-button tilt option. 

Choosing the Ideal Materials for a Tilt Umbrella

Here are the best materials for a tilt umbrella:

  • Shaft Material- Tilt umbrellas can have a wooden or metal shaft
  • Fabric Material- Most tilt umbrellas have a Terylast or Sunbrella fabric 
  • Rib Material- A tilt umbrella may have fiberglass, aluminum, steel, or plastic rib

What are the Different Types of Tilt Umbrellas?

Push Button Tilt 

The push-button tilt comes with a mechanism that allows the umbrella to tilt with the simple release of a lock when pushing a button. This is a very simple mechanism and easy to open for everyone. Cheaper umbrella tend to have this tilt mechanism because of their lower cost; these umbrellas don’t seem to last very long. 

Auto Tilt 

The auto-tilt uses a crank to open the umbrella. The auto-tilt can move around according to the direction of the sunlight. This feature can be used from the comfort of your patio chair as it is automatic, and you won't have to move it often. 

Collar Tilt 

The collar tilt mechanism works similarly to auto-tilt umbrellas. The only difference is that the collar tilt mechanism is at the crank's collar. This feature allows you to open the umbrella and tilt it at a particular angle. 

Swilt Tilt

The Swilt mechanism is a patented mechanism offered only by Midtown Umbrellas. It’s a combination of a Auto-Tilt system with an extra feature that allows for swivelling the canopy on different angles. The easy-to-use crank allows for easy tilting and the twistable handle allows for  even easier swiveling; it truly is the best of both worlds. This system is used on higher-end and commercial umbrellas because of it’s functunality and durability.

Well-Engineered Tilt Umbrellas at Midtown

Durability and luxury go hand in hand as both are equally important when you are looking to find the perfect tilt umbrellas. Our top-quality tilt umbrellas are all backed by out Midtown Garuntee. Each style of outdoor umbrellas offer a unique feel, vibe, and protection. Take a look at our exclusive list of tilt umbrella:

The Lean

The Lean tilt umbrella is perfect for buyers on a budget. This economical umbrella comprises a heavy-duty aluminum frame, rustproof aluminum ribs, and a crank lift auto-tilt system. 

The Lean umbrella also includes premium quality Terylast or Sunbrella fabrics that are waterproof, UV-resistant, and solution-dyed.

The Swilt

A versatile and eye-catching patio umbrella, The Swilt tilt umbrella has a seamless design and an innovative 'Swilt' mechanism.

Its rustproof aluminum and high-grade fiberglass ribs ensure longevity while you enjoy tilting and swiveling your umbrella.

The Wooden 2

Make a statement with our stylish tilt umbrella. The Wooden 2 features a heavy-duty aluminum frame, a unique wood grain finish, and a high-quality Terylast or Sunbrella fabric. 

Its revolutionary Swilt mechanism allows you to swivel your umbrella effortlessly. 

The LED Swilt

The LED Swilt is another one of our innovative and luxurious tilt umbrellas. The umbrella includes impressive LED aluminum ribs that light up your space and help make a style statement!

In addition, the umbrella includes a high-grade aluminum frame, zinc ally crank, and premium quality canopy that ensure a cool shade, flexibility, and durability.

Tilt umbrellas exist in octagonal canopies and are smaller compared to other umbrellas. Therefore, they are easy to tilt in whichever direction you want.

What Are Market Umbrellas? 

The market umbrella traces back to Italy and France. Merchants used them at the time to protect themselves against the scorching heat. The main purpose of a market umbrella is to protect a street vendor or someone who has a shop in the market. These umbrellas are available in commercial places such as food stalls and book fairs. 

The physical structure of a market umbrella is a metal or wooden straight pole. The straight pole is in the umbrella's center, attaching to the center of the canopy, and the other end of the pole joins the base of the umbrellas. 

Market umbrellas are rigid and do not move from their place, offering a standalone shade solution. They are symmetrical, without any tilting mechanisms. They usually come with a push and pop mechanism that allows for smoother opening, securing its position. They are highly recommended for high-wind areas. 

You'll typically see a market umbrella in the following places:

  • Farmers Market
  • Crafts Fair
  • Kiosks 
  • Stalls and the like

Design of a Market Umbrella

A market umbrella comprises a heavy-duty straight pole attached to a base. The fabric of a market umbrella can be octagonal, square, or rectangular; it usually has a UV-resistant material.

Merchants may attach a market umbrella next to their stall to create an inviting environment and protect their goods from the weather.

Choosing the Best Material for a Market Umbrella

Let's discuss the ideal materials for a market umbrella:

  • Shaft Material- Most market umbrellas include a shaft made out of wood or steel 
  • Fabric Material- Market umbrellas may consist of a Terylast or Sunbrella fabric
  • Rib Material- Market umbrellas tend to have a wood, steel, or fiberglass rib 

Beautifully Carved Market Umbrellas at Midtown

Midtown Umbrellas focuses on designing and assembling high-quality, aesthetic, long-lasting market umbrellas that grab your attention. For this reason, we offer the following exceptional quality umbrellas:

The Push and Pop

The Push and Pop market umbrella offers the best of both worlds: a fiberglass and aluminum frame and Terylast or Sunbrella fabric. 

The high-grade, durable, and flexible umbrella opens similar to your traditional umbrella. Plus, you can find it in various aesthetic colors and designs. 

The Push and Pops' UV-resistant fabric matched with its fiberglass ribs and aluminum pole ensure maximum sustainability and longevity.

The Wooden

Our The Wooden market umbrella features a unique wood grain finish that adds beauty to your umbrella. 

Its high-grade aluminum frame, wooden finish, and Terylast/Sunbrella fabric ensure you get a high-quality and aesthetic outdoor umbrella. 

Add style to your outdoor space by choosing one of its many hues. 

The Slight 

The Slight is the smallest market umbrella. The umbrella has a luxurious and eye-catching design that makes it stand out. 

The efficient and beautiful patio umbrella offers excellent shade, flexibility, and durability.

These umbrellas are great for commercial use (i.e. restaurants, hotels, resorts) for the simple reason that the customers will not be playing with the crank and tilt functions. Market umbrellas are meant to stay open when they are in use and closed when not in use. Therefore, using market umbrellas for commercial use is the best for durability. 

Market umbrellas are also bigger than traditional ones since they need to cover more space. The base of the market umbrella is also heavier as it has to bear the weight of the big canopy. 

Market umbrellas usually come with an air vent, providing ventilation to the shopkeepers working in scorching conditions.

What Is The Best Option For You? 

Now that you know what tilt and market umbrellas are, you can decide what you are looking for based on your needs and requirements. 

For instance, if you are looking for outdoor umbrellas for a commercial setting, you should choose a market umbrella as it is bigger and serves a better purpose in a commercial environment. If you are also looking for a very big umbrella that can give you standalone shade, the market umbrella is still a good choice. 

On the other hand, if you are looking for a patio umbrella that will let you enjoy the sun all day long, then you must get a tilt umbrella. The tilt feature allows you to change the direction of the shade however way you want. So you can set it up at the edge of your pool and change its direction to consistently protect you against sunlight. 

When selecting the patio umbrella, think of all your requirements and see if the umbrella will be able to meet them.

Tilt vs. Market Umbrella: Requirements to Consider

Here are the factors to consider when choosing the ideal umbrella according to your needs and preference:

Stabilization System

The base of an umbrella determines its stability, ensuring your umbrella stands firm even in harsh winds. Typically, market umbrellas offer better stabilization than a tilt one. 

Location of Use

You'll find market umbrellas in markets, stalls, fairs, and other commercial areas. In contrast, you can use tilt umbrellas in your backyard, garden, pool, or patio.

Intended Use

Market umbrellas are perfect for protecting merchants, their customers, and goods from strong wind gusts and bright sun. 

On the other hand, tilt umbrellas are ideal for residential and relaxation purposes, such as your pool or patio.

Size of Umbrella

Market umbrellas are typically bigger and heavier, mainly because they protect various goods. The added weight of the base of a market umbrella also contributes to its bigger size. 

Variety of Styles and Designs 

Tilt and market umbrellas are available in varying styles and designs, including canopy shades and fabrics, different pole materials, etc. 

However, most manufacturers offer market umbrellas with only wooden frames.

Tilting Options

Market umbrellas usually crank open similar to a traditional umbrella. On the flip side, tilt umbrellas can swivel and tilt, allowing you to angle them differently. 

The Bottom Line: Choosing Between a Tilt and Market Umbrella 

Both options are great and depend solely on your preferences. Once you get the umbrella you want, you must take care of it. With the right care, you can keep using your patio umbrella for a longer time. Market umbrellas are typically used for commercial use and tilt umbrellas are used more for residential use. You may still use tilt umbrellas for commercial use and vice-versa, it all depends on what your needs are. 

We’ve put together some tips and tricks on caring for your outdoor umbrella to ensure its longevity:

Besides the mechanism, you should consider other factors when buying a patio umbrella. For instance, choose the umbrella fabric according to your needs. Some of the fabrics provide UV protection while others don't. Moreover, some fabrics are also waterproof and fade-resistant. Such umbrellas will last longer since they don't attract mold. 

The ribs and the opening mechanisms are also important to consider for outdoor umbrellas. With a strong frame, your umbrella will be able to withstand extreme weather. These factors are extremely important to consider when getting a patio umbrella. 

A patio umbrella needs to be both functional and aesthetic. Make your choice keeping both aspects in mind and discover how Midtown Umbrellas can meet all your needs. 

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