What Are The Different Types Of Umbrella Frames?

What Are The Different Types Of Umbrella Frames?

When buying a patio umbrella, there are several things you must consider. Many people often just focus on the canopy but forget to consider other crucial parts of the patio umbrella such as the frame and the ribs.

Importance of Choosing the Right Patio Umbrella Frame

The frame is one of the most important parts of the patio umbrella. This frame keeps the umbrella upright and standing despite bad weather conditions. Without a good frame, your patio umbrella might not be able to serve you the way you expect it to. Having said that, it is very important that you consider getting the best frame according to your needs. There are different types of umbrella frames you can find, let's take a look at all the options you have.

Market Frame Umbrellas

This is one of the most popular patio umbrella frames out there. The Market frame patio umbrella is also known as the center pole umbrella. The exclusive feature of this umbrella is that it has a straight pole that starts at the top of the canopy and ends at the base. These frames usually have a single strong piece but you can also find market patio umbrellas with two poles that are co-joined. These market frames have a fixed base to stabilize the entire patio umbrella or a mobile base.

For this particular style of frame, you get a round or octagonal canopy. The canopy of a market frame umbrellas are often vented as this helps increase the airflow. When you select the frame you also select the kind of canopy that will go with the frame. The Market frame is most popularly made with a wooden or aluminum center pole.

These patio umbrellas are a great option for people who are looking for a patio umbrella that will protect them from direct sunlight. You can find multiple style options within this category such as the beach and half umbrella. Both of the categories have unique uses as per their style features.


Cantilever Frame Umbrellas

Next on the list is a Cantilever frame umbrella that is also known as the Offset umbrella. The Cantilever umbrella has an arched pole that is usually positioned off to one side. These frames support a canopy that gets its support from the side of the arched pole. The arched pole allows the frame to hang freely. You can have multiple seating under the free canopy.

Usually, people do not like the obstructions center pole causes, for them the Cantilever frame is the best possible option. These types of patio umbrellas can give you a large space of shade that you can utilize in the best ways possible. Moreover, these umbrellas can offer you shade in places where you do not have an umbrella hole. For instance, if you want to have a dinner party outdoors, you can use a Cantilever frame umbrella and comfortably get as much shade you need.

For those who hesitate in getting a Cantilever frame patio umbrella because it might not give a 360-degree shade but that is not the case. The Cantilever frame umbrella usually provides a 360-degree coverage that gives them the versatility most people are looking for. The frame is not fixed to one side; you can move it from left to right and front to back, wherever you need the shade.

However, these patio umbrellas require you to have heavy bases which can be expensive. Since they are offset they need something heavier than usual to stabilize them. These frames are usually made with aluminum, bamboo or in some cases teak. They are typically a combination of metal and wood. If you want to enjoy the outdoors and still sit under the shade, then the Cantilever frame umbrella is the best option for you. They do not disrupt your view and let you enjoy as much as you can.


Tilting Frame Umbrellas

The Tilting frame umbrella is a patio umbrella that has revolutionized patio umbrellas with its unique design. During the day, the sun changes its position and you can't keep moving your patio umbrella to protect yourself from the harsh and harmful sunrays. With the tilting frame umbrella, you can change the direction of the canopy wherever you want.

The tilting umbrella can be moved around with the help of an automatic button. You can also find the tilting umbrella in manual options that allow you to crank a lever or adjust a color to tilt the umbrella in whichever direction the sun is. These umbrellas are best suited for pool sides and other residential uses. They can be unstable if they are used in commercial installations.

These umbrellas are usually made of aluminum and can tilt at whatever angle you want.


What Pole Material Options Do I Have?

Other than the type of umbrella, you can find different materials used to make the patio umbrella frame. Here are some material options you can use for your frame.


The aluminum frames are usually lightweight and are very durable so you can keep them in your home and they can withstand extreme winds. This material is great to resist rust or weather damage.


The wooden options usually only include types of wood that can withstand the weather changes and other extraneous stimuli. These frames are often finished with oil or other stains to protect them against damages. But these frames are easily prone to damage from strong winds.


Fiberglass is one of the most lightweight and damage-resistant materials. Since these umbrella frames are very flexible they do not damage easily.

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