What Size Throw Pillow Should I Pick?

What Size Throw Pillow Should I Pick?

hrow pillows are a vital element of your living room. They enhance the beauty and aesthetics of the couch and room, giving it an entirely new look.

Many people add the wrong size of throw pillows to their sofas or couches, completely ruining the room's overall look. Therefore, pick the one that best meets your needs and complements your room's aesthetics.

Before we dive into finding the right size of the throw pillow for your sofa or couch, let us first implore these common questions:

What is the Perfect Size for Throw Pillows?

Well, the right size depends on your furniture. Depending on the size of your sofa or couch, you can choose a throw pillow that fits perfectly with it. Most people go for the size 18" x 18" because this is a standard size of throw pillows and works well with couches, sofas, and chairs.

Moreover, before purchasing throw pillows for your couch or sofa, it is better to measure the furniture's dimensions to be sure and then pick the suitable size. The size of throw pillows for sofas varies, but as mentioned above, the standard size fits best on common-sized couches.

Furthermore, if you have a common-sized couch or sofa, you can easily pick throw pillows between 18 to 23 inches to fit the furniture perfectly. It is an ideal size for common-sized sofas and couched and enough to add an eye-catching perspective to your living room. You can also pick a more significant size between 20 to 25 inches to add a more aesthetic feel.

What Stuffing Should You Use for Throw Pillows?

Generally, you can stuff throw with down material. Moreover, you can also use polyester, feathers, cotton fiber, foam, memory foam, or any other material to stuff your throw pillow, depending on your liking. You can also mix feather and down material to make a good filling for your throw pillows. However, if you are allergic to any material, avoid filling your throw pillow with it.

Why should you focus on Inserts?

Before picking a filling, ensure that people may not be allergic to it. Down material is a standard stuffing used in throw pillows. It is soft and comfortable; however, it loses its shape quickly. Therefore, choose the stuffing that lasts longer and is comfortable too.

How Much Stuffing Should You Use for a Throw Pillow?

Throw pillows are mostly square-shaped pillows and are more petite than regular pillows. Therefore, they do not require a lot of stuffing. You can easily stuff an 18 inches square throw pillow with one pound of stuffing.

Larger throw pillows will need more stuffing to fill the pillow. For instance, if you wish to stuff larger throw pillows measuring 20×26 inches, two pounds of filling would be enough to fill it. Moreover, if you want to have a firm throw pillow, you need to add more stuffing to it.

Should I Pick Throw Pillows of the Same Size?

Well, you can decorate your room with different sizes of throw pillows. Not all the throw pillows need to have the same size. You can add different sizes of throw pillows to your beds and add an artistic appeal to your bedroom. However, if you feel you should have two throw pillows of similar size, go ahead. Anything you add to your bed, couch, sofas, or chair should complement the decorative style of the place.

Types of Throw Pillows

Here, we discuss different throw pillows to help you find the right one for your couches, sofas, or chairs.

Round Pillows

Round pillows are very common in homes. Standard round pillows measure 14" in diameter and are a great addition to your sofa sets. They bring out the uniqueness of the furniture and add an appealing touch to the room.

Lumbar Pillows

Lumbar pillows are trendy due to their shape. Most pillows are square, rectangle, or round in shape, whereas lumbar pillows are entirely different and offer a visual difference when added to the rooms. These strange yet attractive pillows' standard sizes are 14" x22". These pillows add a splash of colors while offering providing comfort. Larger lumber pillows are best to pair with large floor cushions to provide comfort and support.

Bolster Pillows

Cylindrical pillows filled with foam add support and comfort and add an appealing touch to the décor. They usually come in popular sizes, i.e., 20" wide and 7" diameter. These unique-looking pillows do not have a standard size and are available in 12" diameters or even larger. Bolster pillows may not look great when placed on sofas or couches. However, they fit perfectly when laid across the bed, paired with decorative pillows.

What elements should I consider when shopping for throw pillows?

Breathing a new life into your living room is exceptionally easy. You can switch throw pillows, alter a few elements, and bring a new life to the room. Here, we will discuss the essential details needed to redecorate your room without spending much.


The most crucial element to consider while choosing throw pillows for any room is their size. Throw pillows should always be in proportion to the furniture. A tiny throw pillow placed in the center of a three-seater sofa would look odd. Therefore, it is critical to consider the right size of throw pillows to add an elegant touch to your room.


Color is another critical element to consider. Make sure to add contrasting and appealing colors to your throw pillows. Pick the colors that will brighten the place and make it look attractive. The critical thing to remember is to add an accent pillow that complements the furniture and adds an aesthetic touch to the home.


Throw pillows come in various shapes. You can always pick the right shape for your furniture. Some of the shapes are as follows:

  • Square
  • Round
  • Box
  • Rectangle
  • Bolster

You can pick the shape that goes well with the furniture.


Pillow embellishments include button tufting, brooches, sequins, ribbons, and small mirror accents. Decorations add a lot of meaning to your existing furniture. They can add a decorative look to your room and enhance the beauty of the furniture.

The Bottom Line

The size of throw pillows depends on the size of the furniture. However, you can always pick a standard size as it blends well with the furniture and adds an appealing look to the room. Since the size ranges between 18 inches to 26 inches, it is a perfect fit for chairs, sofas, couches, and even beds. However, it is best to measure the furniture before picking throw pillows.

You can even use it for outdoor settings such as on patios, to add a pop of color. Its different colors and sizes make these throw pillows perfect for all seasons. The durable designs ensure the pillows will last for years of use.

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