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Grande Assembly Instructions

Grande Assembly Instructions

Step 1: Install cross base

- Carefully place the base on a flat surface, at installation site.

Step 2: Install Base Pole

- Place the base pole on the center of the cross base.

- Align the holes of the base pole with the holes of the cross base.

- Using the Allen key, connect the base pole to the cross base with the bolts and washers.

Step 3: Fill Base

- Remove the cap from each of the four pieces of the fillable base.

- Tilt the base so that the hole faces up.

- Fill up the base with water or sand.

- Once full, place the cap back on and make sure it is properly closed.

Step 4: Install Fillable Base

- Place the pieces of the fillable base over the cross base.

- Pass the base cap through the base pole and foot pedal.

Step 5: Connect Umbrella Pole to Base

- Carefully slide the umbrella pole onto the base pole.

Step 6: Install Bottom Pole Knob

- Locate the hole in the back of the umbrella pole, towards the bottom of the pole.

- Screw in the knob.

Step 7: Install Crank

- Locate the crank hole on the side of the handle.

- Install crank by simply pushing it in the hole

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