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Pare-soleil Midtown

Prix de venteCA$179.99

Size: Triangulaire 3,6M x 3,6M
Color: Terylast Pomme - Rouge
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Spécifications du produit

Pare-soleil Midtown

Le parasol Midtown est disponible en forme triangulaire ou rectangulaire. Obtenez la teinte dont vous avez toujours rêvé avec beaucoup de style.


Tissu Terylast

Comprend des crochets, une corde et un sac de protection



3,6mx 3,6m


3 mx 4 m


5 livres


Garantie limitée de 10 ans sur le cadre.*

Tissus Terylast : garantie limitée de 10 ans.*

Tissu Sunbrella : garantie limitée de 5 ans.*


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Rated 4.9 / 5
Based on 39 reviews
Ronald De Groot
It was a recommendation from a friend, and I love it. Ordering was made easy thanks to the great features on your website. Keep up the excellent work.
Terry Reagan
Very sturdy, gorgeous, and nicely built. The terylast fabric is the best umbrella fabric I have ever come across, and by using it here; it was impressive.
Douglas Swan
The 3.6 by 3.6-meter triangle shape with terylast fabric looks perfect. The Midtown Sunshade triangle is not for everyone cause I doubt if everyone would appreciate its beauty, but it's perfect.
Diane Belcher
This product is a good definition of what style and quality should be all about. It is terrific in every sense, and the hooks are easy to attach and detach. I can easily store it when I am on a trip.
Rick Kraus
Such beautiful colors to choose from. Its 5lb weight makes it all the more sturdy. I hardly suggest buying all the hardware it needs with the product. Otherwise, it may be a bit problematic.
Sharon Finn
The Midtown SunShade is definitely worth its price. Setting it up is easy, just a bit of knowledge on setting the hooks and ropes. Otherwise, it's a great product.
Karen Doyle
The delivery was lovely, and the packaging was beautiful, given that they included hooks, rope, and a protective bag. Looking at the Midtown Sun Shade now, I am happy. It was worth every penny.
Dawn Kuhn
The customer service was one of a kind. I enjoyed the calls, which were very informative and finally led me to this great and excellent product.
Norman Gage
I have a skin problem, and this shade has helped me big time, thanks to the terylast fabric. Now I know that the Sun's UV rays have nothing on me.
Vicki Holmgren Wier
I was torn between picking the shapes of the shade. The rectangular shape still works wonders for me and my backyard, which had previously had not to shade.
Delbert Supik
Really, what's not to like about the product. It's everything I wanted. After using the product in the solid southern sun each day for a month, it has not faded even one bit.
B. Donelle Stephens
Surprisingly, the Terylast fabric is this good quality. Using it for my balcony, I am happy that it is waterproof and the terylast color hasn't faded.
Scott Mudd
I loved the Fabric. The Terylast has been shielding me under the sun for three months and still no signs of fading.  I had to replace my previous sunshade since it tore, but this once seems sturdy and durable.
Shaun Hoffman
A beneficial customer service that had the answers to all the questions I had. They helped me make my decision relatively quickly, and am I thrilled with what I got.
Diana Turner
I genuinely love the Teralyst fabric for its gorgeous and sound quality that has lasted me close to 8 months. I am happy with my purchase because this was a great buy.
Virginia Nosky
The quality is completely like no other I have seen in the market. Plus, the Terylast fabric is lovely.  I come from a place that experiences very high winds, and it been four months, and still standing,
Michael Benes
The Midtown Sun Shade is a perfect fit for any patio, and it is very sturdy. It was easy to set and seemed durable, and the quality of the terylast fabric is better than other fabrics I had seen.
Sondra Morrow
There is something about the whole make of the product that makes it so classy. It looks good and functional too. It turned out to be a great buy.
Raymond Breno
I had to look up a video for its installation. It helped me out and smoothened installation for me. The fabric is excellent, and it is waterproof, so I know my patio furniture is safe beneath it.
Cynthia Phillips
I think the product is worth the money. I bought the 3 by 4 meter terylast shade. It is the best product I have ever owned and works nicely for my needs.
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