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La base Suprême™

Robust and weatherproof, this cantilever umbrella base is crafted from high-quality PVC Resin, designed to fill with water or sand for a secure weight of up to 400 lbs. Featuring convenient wheels, it allows for easy repositioning to provide optimal shade as needed.

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Spécifications du produit

La base Suprême™

La base en porte-à-faux Supreme™ peut contenir jusqu'à 400 lb ! Cela ancrera votre Supreme™ même dans les conditions météorologiques les plus difficiles.


PVC robuste en 2 pièces

Remplissable d'eau ou de sable



Le suprême

Dimensions du socle

34 pouces x 34 pouces X 6,5 pouces


400 livres


Garantie limitée de 10 ans sur le cadre.*

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Rated 4.8 / 5
Based on 48 reviews
Peter Lepage
The quality of the Supreme Base is good. it hasa great size that enhances stability and its fillable with both water and sand. With its weight at 400lbs, no wind or storm could throw this base off balance.
Mathew James
The base might just be the sturdiest base I have ever owned. It is heavy enough with a broad base to boost the stability of the umbrella. I am waiting for the storms to arrive. I would like to see how well it will stand against them.
Leslie Lawson
I wasn't sure about the materials, so I did a little digging on Heavy Duty PVC. It is pretty impressive, high wuality, and very durable. What's more, is that it works well even when the weather is at its harshest. I fell in love with the product since then.
Paul Akins
I bet that even after six years, this frame would still look just as great. It has been made of heavy-duty PVC, and that's a great material. The size is perfect for the base.
Linda Martinson
Even without the vibrant colors, it's hard to miss the Supreme Base lying on the floor. It's big, made by a great team, and the material is excellent. This makes the Supreme Base a terrific base stand.
Linda Vargas-Koester
This base is like 95% functional, which is more than you can say for most market bases. It has an incredible weight of 400lbs, thats the most I have ever seen. Bet it would hold two umbrellas in a windy area without flinching if it could.
Jackie Weiss
The Supreme Base is okay. I have to wait for at least a week before I can rate it. The delivery was nicely done, the product looked just as I expected it would, and that is enough for me so far.
Teresa Mcmullin
All my friends can't help but adore it. It's gigantic you can't fail to notice it on the floor. It's clear they wanted a great product but couldn't you guys offer more colored fpor the base? I think restaurants should get them too.
John Aiken
I know I can't move it around as most people would want to. Imagine always dragging a 400lbs base around every day. It would help if you changed your decor. But it holds my huge umbrella down very nicely, and that is enough for me.
Katie Carson
Just have to say this. The base is much more stable when filled with sand than when you use water. A friend told me he would also use pebbles but I wouldnt advice it since it may injure the PVC material.
William Bushnell
Its large size ensures that you have stability strong enough to handle any umbrella in any wind. With the 400lb weight, it's a heavy bunch, and the 48x48 size has enough area to increase the stability of the umbrella by a considerable proportion.
Jolanthe Mccarthy
I have been using it for almost six months now. I have only found it fallen just once, and even then, there had been a mild earthquake in the area. It has been nicely made, and the heavy-duty PVC is an excellent material to had used.
Cynthia Donley
The quality of the product is entirely unmatched. With 400lbs as weight and a base area of 48x48 inches covered, how could I doubt this amazing product? Plus, they look just blows me away every time
N. A. Kaidan
Remarkable in its stature, my friends call it the Godzilla. The black color adds a great touch to have it made me believe that the midtown has some of the best patio products in the market.
James Good
I have to give it to customer care for their friendly service and just how helpful they were when I needed more information about the Supreme Base. I have never felt so connected to any other company as much as I did with this one.
Amber Petts
After getting The Supreme Umbrella, I realized nothing would be able to handle it. The customer care then advised me about the Supreme Base, and it was a perfect fit. It is lovely.
Marie Mattingly
It is so easy to use the Supreme Base. Easy to fill and empty, making it practical. It has high quality, and I am not sure about the durability, but time will surely tell.
Monique Cimorelli
I keep hearing guys say water is not enough when to 100% stabilize it while I have only used water, and it holds well even in mild winds. Sand may be perfect, but I only have a 10ft umbrella, and I have had no base problems.
Donna Shepherd
This is a product that has the best Base durability thanks to the, 2 piece heavy-duty PVC. the material has proved to be high quality too making the Supreme Base a terrific product.
Bernard Rapin
This was an incredible buy. even though it has a rough look; it still looks stylish, modern, and fancy. I love the look big time. A friend has had it for almost a year, and it seems, so I know that it's a quality product.
La base Suprême™
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