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The Supreme

Le grand parapluie carré Supreme™ de 10 pieds x 10 pieds vous protège en toute occasion.

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Size: 10 pieds x 10 pieds
Pole Finish: Noir
Matériel: Sunbrella
Couleur: Sunbrella Canvas Haze
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Garantie limitée de 10 ans

Spécifications du produit

The Supreme

Le parasol déporté Supreme™ est le plus grand de notre gamme. Il regorge de fonctionnalités telles que les nervures lumineuses LED, l'inclinaison, le pivotement et la rotation. Avec cet auvent carré de 10 pieds x 10 pieds, vous pouvez être sûr que votre espace sera couvert de la plus belle ombre.

Base vendue séparément.

Pivotement et inclinaison
Nervures LED
Aluminium de qualité commerciale
Sangles Velcro pour fermer en toute sécurité

Poteau en aluminium thermolaqué

8 baleines commerciales en aluminium à énergie solaire

Tissus Sunbrella


Taille de la canopée

10 pieds x 10 pieds

Hauteur du parasol

8,5 pieds


80 livres


Garantie limitée de 10 ans sur le cadre.*

Tissus Terylast : garantie limitée de 10 ans.*

Tissu Sunbrella : garantie limitée de 5 ans.*


Livraison et retours gratuits aux États-Unis et au Canada.*

La commande est généralement expédiée en 24 h

Les délais de livraison prennent entre 3 et 5 jours.

Restez au frais à l'ombre

Le grand parasol carré décalé Supreme Wooden™ vous protège en toute occasion. Construit en aluminium de qualité commerciale de haute qualité.

Auvent de qualité supérieure.

Les tissus exclusivement Sunbrella sont teints dans la masse, imperméables et résistants aux UV.

Nom de la fonctionnalité

Partagez des informations utiles sur les fonctionnalités de votre produit.

Nom de la fonctionnalité

Partagez des informations utiles sur les fonctionnalités de votre produit.

Nom de la fonctionnalité

Partagez des informations utiles sur les fonctionnalités de votre produit.

Solid Aluminum Frame

Ultra-thick & commercial grade

Rotating System

Simple foot pedal for a full
rotation of the umbrella

Inclinez pour contrôler votre ombre

Le mécanisme Supreme™ est unique en son genre ; équipé d'une manivelle multifonction super douce pour une ouverture et une fermeture faciles, ainsi que d'un levier pratique qui vous permet de contrôler facilement l'angle de l'auvent en le manœuvrant de haut en bas.

Couvrez tous les angles

Le soleil ne sera plus une menace pour votre divertissement. La manivelle adaptable vous permet de faire pivoter l'auvent sans effort à n'importe quel angle souhaité.

Faites-le pivoter facilement

Avez-vous toujours besoin de plus d’ombre dans différentes zones ? Vous pouvez facilement faire pivoter ce parasol de gauche à droite d'une simple pression sur une pédale

Illuminez avec style

Une soirée, ça vous dit ? C'est la fonctionnalité la plus intéressante ; nervures LED à énergie solaire de haute qualité qui peuvent être allumées en appuyant simplement sur un bouton.

Terylast ou Sunbrella

Voici un aperçu rapide des différences


Polyester résistant
Teint en solution

Résistant à la décoloration
Conservera sa couleur même en plein soleil

Bloque 98 % des rayons UV nocifs
Recommandé pour se protéger du cancer de la peau

Polyester résistant
Teint en solution

Résistant à la décoloration
Conservera sa couleur même en plein soleil

Bloque 98 % des rayons UV nocifs
Recommandé pour se protéger du cancer de la peau

Résistant à l'eau et à la moisissure

100% respirabilité
Résiste à l'eau et à la moisissure

100% respirabilité
Résiste à l'eau et à la moisissure


Garantie limitée de 10 ans*

Garantie limitée de 10 ans*

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Rated 4.9 / 5
Based on 70 reviews
Rachel Cummingsworth
From the moment I set my eyes on the Supreme, I wanted to have it! And when I got it ..I was not disappointed! Your staff was super friendly and very helpful!! The product is beautiful and worth every penny spent!! Very easy to install. I will be extending my deck next year and plan to put up another one on the extension.
Jacob Loober
I purchased the Supreme and this product is beyond amazing -we are beyond happy and this was super easy to install - you literally just need a screwdriver, This umbrella provides great shade and keeps you cool in the summer heat. Worth every penny. We have gotten many compliments from neighbors and passersby. The lights made me fall back in love with my side yard. Highly recommend the investment.
very good umbrella. thank you
Phyllis Tunstall
I've been having such a hard time finding a good quality umbrella that is easy to maneuver until we found this one! It was very easy to set up and the wheels made it so easy to move around!
Tara Longwell
I love that there is a wide range of canopy colors to pick from and you can just switch out the canopy. Brilliant!
Tammy Lapenta
When I got the Supreme, my mum could not stop talking about it. So I got her one too. She is over the moon about it. The Sunbrella fabric seems to be her main love. I am just grateful that there were a variety of colors to choose from.
Scott Fullerton
I bought the umbrella when it was nearing winter, so I had to store it. When I opened it back up again today, it was still in good condition. I looked for any rusts, or a peek at how bad the canopy was, and other than the dust, it was like the umbrella never even was in storage.
Robert White
Stated, it is fantastic. The price may be a bit high, but it is worth it. The quality is exactly as you would expect from some of the top-quality umbrellas. I hope it is as durable.
Lori E Poole
This had to be the fastest delivery I have had. I ordered two days ago, and Bam! woke up to my delivery. The umbrella was nicely packaged. It has a great look with a perfect 8.5ft height.
Randy Kittle
The delivery was nicely done, well communicated, and right on time. Getting to assemble the umbrella was easy, and afterward, I taught myself how to use its mechanisms. It was pretty easy to figure out.
The Next Best Thing
It's almost summer, and I am going to enjoy this umbrella all through the summer. Being the enormous umbrella I have ever owned at 10ftx10ft, I know I will enjoy it with friends and family.
Pamela Messer
For the price, I expected a product that would last me one year plus. It's been six months since I bought it, and it's holding up nicely. It has been effortless to maintain since I purchased the base, everything else was excellent.
Michael Carrillo
I had a stand base set already and am glad the Supreme fit directly into it thanks to the aluminum 1.5-inch diameter. The canopy is great, and the Sunbrella is the best fabric to use on it.
Nicole Deeter
When I bought it, there wasn't a single review, but the fact that there were a money-back guarantee and a return policy worked for me. I received my product, and it was fine, so there was a need to use any return policies.
Arthur Stoltz
this umbrella look solid.
Joann Heyer
The materials that make up The Supreme are high in quality. The solid aluminum frame is weather-resistant and rust-proof, and the aluminum ribs hold the canopy so well. The Supreme is officially the sturdiest umbrella I have had.
Darlene Derstine
This was an umbrella that was worth my time and money. It has a fantastic 7-star hotel look that it adds to my deck, and some of my friends also ordered it. I highly recommend it
Deborah Magnotti
The build of this umbrella is ridiculous. You have to see it to really understand how great it is. Everything about it is perfect. Sunbrella fabric, LED ribs, super robust frame, and just a superb finish. I am really glad I found this website.
Kathy Schroering
Beautiful and elegant umbrella, perfect for my outdoor living area. I am very satisfied with my purchase
Peter Ezzell
This has got to be my favorite online purchase. The services were very nice, the whole order, from when I placed my order to the delivery, was done within five days. The Supreme umbrella, together with Midtown, deserves a 5-star.
The Supreme™ - Sunbrella Canvas Haze

Le Suprême™

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