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The Wooden 2

Le Wooden 2™, le plus élégant de la gamme, est doté d'un poteau et de nervures en aluminium à grain de bois actionnés par le mécanisme Swilt™.

Prix de venteCA$619.99

Size: 9 pieds
Pole Finish: En bois
Matériel: Sunbrella
Couleur: Sunbrella Infused Gem
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Garantie limitée de 10 ans

Spécifications du produit

The Wooden 2

C'est le parapluie inclinable que vous obtenez lorsque vous voulez vraiment faire une déclaration ; c'est un vrai eye-catcher ! Fabriqué en aluminium robuste et recouvert d'une finition similibois très élégante. Ce parapluie inclinable est équipé du nouveau mécanisme Swilt™ amélioré qui vous permet de l'incliner et de le pivoter sans effort.

Base vendue séparément.

Sangles Velcro pour fermer en toute sécurité
Aluminium de qualité commerciale
8 baleines en aluminium sur mesure
Dessus ventilé
Pivotement et inclinaison

Motif similibois sur poteau en aluminium

Baleines en aluminium massif

Manivelle en alliage de zinc

Tissus Terylast ou Sunbrella


Taille de la canopée

8 pieds / 9 pieds / 10 pieds

Hauteur du parasol

8,5 pieds

Diamètre du poteau

1,5 pouces


14 lb


Garantie limitée de 10 ans sur le cadre.*

Tissus Terylast : garantie limitée de 10 ans.*

Tissu Sunbrella : garantie limitée de 5 ans.*


Livraison et retours gratuits aux États-Unis et au Canada.*

La commande est généralement expédiée en 24 h

Les délais de livraison prennent entre 3 et 5 jours.

Restez au frais à l'ombre

Le grand parasol carré décalé Supreme Wooden™ vous protège en toute occasion. Construit en aluminium de qualité commerciale de haute qualité.

Auvent de qualité supérieure.

Les tissus exclusivement Sunbrella sont teints dans la masse, imperméables et résistants aux UV.

Nom de la fonctionnalité

Partagez des informations utiles sur les fonctionnalités de votre produit.

Nom de la fonctionnalité

Partagez des informations utiles sur les fonctionnalités de votre produit.

Nom de la fonctionnalité

Partagez des informations utiles sur les fonctionnalités de votre produit.

Kevlar Cord

Built-in unbreakable cord for
long lasting use

Aluminum Pole

Realistic wood print
Thick 2.5mm wall
Rust proof and weather resistant

Zinc Alloy Crank

For a seamless opening and closing system

Bottom Pole

Fits most standard 1.5'' diameter bases

Inclinaison et pivotement faciles

Le mécanisme Swilt, conçu pour pivoter et s'incliner sans effort. Tournez-le dans le sens des aiguilles d'une montre, une fois complètement ouvert, ajoutez quelques rotations pour l'incliner à l'angle souhaité. Faites pivoter le parasol pour parfaire votre ombre en tirant sur le levier et faites-le pivoter jusqu'à l'emplacement souhaité.

Finition élégante en grain de bois.

Pour ceux qui veulent un peu plus de pazazz, celui-ci plaira vraiment à tout le monde. Les détails du grain du bois sur ce parapluie sont vraiment remarquables. Fabriqué à partir d'aluminium robuste, ce parapluie aura non seulement fière allure, mais durera éternellement.

Terylast ou Sunbrella

Voici un aperçu rapide des différences


Polyester robuste
Teint en solution

Résistant à la décoloration
Conservera sa couleur même en plein soleil

Bloque 98 % des rayons UV nocifs
Recommandé pour se protéger du cancer de la peau

Polyester résistant
Teint en solution

Résistant à la décoloration
Conservera sa couleur même en plein soleil

Bloque 98 % des rayons UV nocifs
Recommandé pour se protéger du cancer de la peau

Résistant à l'eau et à la moisissure

100% respirabilité
Résiste à l'eau et à la moisissure

100% respirabilité
Résiste à l'eau et à la moisissure


Garantie limitée de 10 ans*

Garantie limitée de 10 ans*

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Rated 4.9 / 5
Based on 92 reviews
Jordan Spooner
I had a good experience from Midtown. I ordered a Wooden 2 patio umbrella and love everything about it. There was a little delay for the delivery due to COVID-19. But I am very satisfied with the product. Premium quality and finish, would definitely buy from them again in the future.
Ryan Allatt
Ordering was a breeze including follow up on shipment and tracking information. The auto tilt system is a neat design that works great.
Cassandra Livingston
The fabric for the sunbrella cover that I received is beautiful and came packaged in good condition. Also the color that I chose the sunbrella red is so vibrant and is exactly what I wanted when I purchased it, so overall I am very happy with the product I received
Megan Whistler
I am very impressed with the wide variety of colors that are offered for the wooden 2, and in person the color looks like the website which i really liked
Gail Laberdie
The Terylast is a beautiful fabric given that it hasn't faded nor started falling apart. Its color, terylast greige, adds a heavenly touch to my patio. Looking at it, I know that I got a product worth the price put on it.
Michael Mchale
I guess I did not read the description right because I found out that The Wooden 2 has a tilting mechanism. Opening and closing the umbrella is smooth, thanks to the cranking system.
Elaine Jean
This was the last piece of my patio that I needed. It complements the whole outlook I had planned for the deck. I sometimes feel like I got more than I expected because while I was looking for a beautiful umbrella, I got both beauty and durability.
Edward Nelson
When I bought it about two months ago, I wasn't sure how great the Sunbrella fabric would hold against the elements. So far, it has faded, and the air top vent makes the shade feel so much more relaxed than with ordinary umbrellas
Brenda Murphy
The quality of the umbrella is exemplary. The Wooden 2 has a weight of 14 lbs which is excellent and makes it sturdy, especially with a bigger base. Plus, the aluminum ribs do not flap in the wind.
Lynn Butcher
The Wooden two is beautiful and has been made with terrific materials. I suggest you pick the Terylast fabric. Another piece of advice, don't leave it open when you are not using it; mine almost got blown away by the wind.
Barbara Larock
This was a total upgrade from my previous umbrella. My kid loves it so much. The shade it gives with its 10ft canopy can my whole family underneath it. Even on hot days, the shade somehow keeps its fantastic. I love it.
Shirley Azoulai
The frame looks great and very sturdy. So far, it has held very well against the wind, but I had to use a different base. Lucky for me, the 1.5-inch aluminum pole of the Wooden 2 can fit with most umbrella bases.
Terri Weiss
One thing I learned about it is that this umbrella is a great fit, especially if you can get a sturdy base. The 10ft canopy size is fantastic with the shaded area it gives, and the tilting mechanism works like a charm.
Lori Yerkes
The Wooden 2 has to be the sturdiest umbrella I have come across. It weighs 14lbs!!! Together with a more extensive, sturdier base, the umbrella won't disabled you no matter the weather.
Christos Givas
The tilt mechanism works so perfectly, and the zinc alloy cranking system not only looks great, but it makes the crank durable. It's a great umbrella to have on your patio.
Jonne Plavier
I went searching for the best umbrella I could get in the market and found myself here. That was two weeks ago, and now I am a satisfied customer of Midtown products.
Charlotte Case
The Wooden two is so cool. It has that fun and festive vibe to it that makes you love it. With the air vented top, its shade is excellent, and it makes it easy to change the canopy.
Roswell Cummings
For the product's quality, I would even consider the umbrella's price to be a great bargain. The 10ft size was perfect, and it covered all my patio seats nicely without having us squeeze them together.
Donna Trowbridge
This is the best customer experience I have ever had. They were very concerned and wanted to know what I wanted, so they helped me chose the perfect umbrella for me. Keep up the excellent work.
Paul Arnone
I love the Teryclast fabric. So strong and promises durability thanks to the durable aluminum ribs and aluminum pole, which are weather resistant and don't rust. It is such a great product.
The Wooden 2™ - Gemme infusée de Sunbrella

Le Bois 2™

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